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(Bemærk at der er flere danske bidrag, samt at den danske film kortfilm Sofies Hjerte anmeldes af den britiske psykoterapeut Joan Woodward)
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Twin Research – Contents of Special Issue June 2002 

The Loss of  a Twin, Triplet or More
Guest Editors Elizabeth Bryan and Ronald Higgins

 Memorial Page 

Introduction and overview of mortality and morbidity in twins world wide
Elizabeth Bryan and Ronald Higgins

Symposium – The Loss of a Twin;
(oplæg stammer fra ISTS kongressen 2001, som havde en særlig dag om emnet)
Theory and Practice Revisited
Foreword by Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Bereavement in the Arts

              Shadow – Poem by  Penelope Healey (UK)

The Yoruba's Cultural Perspective of Death with Special Reference to Twins
Taiwo O.Olaleye-Oruene (Nigeria)  

 Main papers

        How Mothers Cope With the Death of a Twin or Higher Multiple
     Patricia B Swanson, Jillian G. Pearsall-Jones, David A. Hay (Australia)

The Context and Long-term Impacts of Multiple Birth Loss:
A Peer Support Network Perspective

Jean Kollantai (USA)

Loss in Higher Multiple Pregnancy and Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction
        Elizabeth Bryan (UK)

         Psychological and Evolutionary Perspectives on Coping and Health Characteristics Following Loss: A Twin Study
        Nancy L Segal, Shelley A Blozis (USA)

Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins’ Retrospective and Current Bereavement-Related Behaviors: An Evolutionary Perspective
Nancy L Segal, Lauren J Sussman, William D Marelich. Jack Mearns, Shelley Blozis (USA) 

 Literature Reviews
    Twin Death and Mourning Worldwide:
A Review of the Literature
Elizabeth Pector (USA)

Extracts from
The Death of a Twin: Mourning and Anniversary Reactions.        
       Fragments of 10 years of Self-Analysis by George  Engel

Scientific Papers

The Effect of Losing the Twin and Losing the Partner on Mortality
Cecilia Tomassini, A Rosina, FC Billari, A Skytthe, K Christensen (Italy)

Bereavement in Twin Relationships:
An Exploration of Themes from a Study of Twinship

Alison M Macdonald (UK)

Coping with twins discordant for intellectual disabilities:
The mother’s view
Bernice de Vos, Nele Jacobs, Lieve Vandemeulebroecke, Catherine Derom, Jean-Pierre Fryns (Belgium)

We Didn’t Deserve This:
Bereavement Association with Multifetal Reduction
Kate Sullivan Collopy (USA)

 Colour Supplement (4 pages)

  Paintings by Susan Dugdale, Kathy Ramsay Carr, Joy Cuff, Alison Little,

          Photographs by Alessandra Piontelli 

Personal Experiences

 From Parents:

                          Astride the Parent/Professional Fence
Elizabeth A Pector
Just A Little Death
Julie Green

    A Double Tragedy

Maxine Ehrlers 

From Lone Twins:
      My Twin, Myself and my Painting
Kathy Ramsay Carr

Sharing A Bond
Susanne Brink Larsen

              A Special Connection
Olivia Monaghan

           The One I was Looking for
         Jérémie Damoiseau 

From those who support them:

                         Pioneering Memorial Service for Fertility Losses
Meredith Wheeler

                         Telephone Support for Bereaved Families
Barbara Read

The Making of a Memento
Joy Cuff

    Beginning in York
Abelone Glahn

Book and Video Reviews
The Lone Twin. 
Understanding Twin Bereavement and Loss by Joan Woodward

Alistair Ross
Guidelines for Professionals – Multiple Births and their Impact on the Families.  Section 3 – Bereavement by Elizabeth Bryan and Faith Hallett 
Ilona Bendefy

Multiple Births Bereavement Information Kit - Produced by Multiple Births Canada/Naissances multiples Canada
Barbara Read

                 'Sophie’s Heart’ (Video)
Joan Woodward

List of Twin Bereavement Organisations Worldwide