Welcome to  www.tvillinger.com  (tvillinger = twins)
- the most comprehensive Danish information and advisory, consultative home page for -and about twins. 

The object of this page is to function as a center for exchange of
information for twins, parents of twins, and others who either through their job or private life become interested in twins and their special life situation and development. 

www.tvillinger.com is part of a larger multimedia project about twins.
The web based part is produced in co-operation with Danish

Behind www.tvillinger.com stands experienced twin-mother, journalist Abelone Glahn, working voluntary and independently of organisations and institutions; however gladly welcoming sponsors and advertisers.

The idea is to extend these pages to other countries than Denmark - and in other languages. For further information, please contact info@amedia.dk.

In Denmark more and more twins are born.  Not only "home made" twins, but over the past decade thanks to assisted reproductions techniques, a drastic rise in birth of twins has taken place.
Today every 55th birth results in twins , where, prior to the popularity of assisted reproductions techniques in the mid-eighties, only every 70th birth resulted in twins.
Naturally, this increase has sharpened the interest in the life of twins, and as a consequence of the many births there has been an increasing demand amongst parents, and among twins themselves, to obtain information on expectancy, giving birth to, rising, and not least being twins.
On the last point it's perhaps worth noting that www.tvillinger.com has received enquiries from twins up to  83 years of age.

In Denmark there are now about 50.000 pairs of twins, corresponding to around 100.000 twins or approx. two percent of the total population.

The home page consists of three main elements :-

1) Professional consulting for twins and parents by a panel of
2) Information and advice about twins from cradle to grave including text, photos, and useful links.
3) Personal column : Mail your own experience,  and obtain comments or  advice from others with their experience - be they parents, relatives, professionals, - or twins.

Apart from the many new parents, calling for information and counselling, many grown-up twins are in need of professional advice in difficult life situations - or need to talk to other grown-ups about something relating to just this:- being a twin.  This might be in relation to marriage or berievement, - situations that affect twins in a different way than it affects singles.

The home page has already turned out to be useful for educational people, teachers,  health visitors, and others who through their jobs come into close contact with twins and their problems.

The homepage is to a high degree based on participation, so if you feel you can contribute and/or profit from the experience and knowledge which will result, don't hesitate to contact Abelone Glahn at info@amedia.dk  

Some of the articles is in English:

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